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    We have a great year planned so far and there's more to come before 2016 summer!  We have three or four camp outs planned, tons of service projects, fun family activities and of course our BSA National Fundraisers!

    NOTE: There will be revisions to the web page and flyer throughout the year. These will be posted online and we will do our best to keep you informed. 
    Please look at the "Revision Date" to make sure you have the most current edition.  Items are MAY NOT ALWAYS BE in chronological order.

    POSTING ALWAYS IN PROGRESS - (Revised 2016/02/08) 
  • 2016-01-12 to 03-01 Camp Card Fundraiser Gulf Stream Council Camp Card FundraiserDATE: Current through March 1stTIME: Various TimesLOCATION: Various LocationsONLINE LINK to SIGN UP: $5 (Cards sell for $5), your Scout will earn $2 / card soldPLUS 100% of any donations will go directly into his Scout account.CHAIR: Nicole Strohl (Treasurer)DETAILS: All money and cards get issued by her and turned back in to her.Here are the DETAILS and RULES for the 2016 Gulf Stream Council Camp Card Fundraiser. The camp cards sells for $5 each. The card is the blue bottom center portion that reads "2016 Palm Beach County Camp Card". On the back of the card there are six ...
    Posted Feb 3, 2016, 11:05 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/02/20 EVERGLADES DAY FESTIVAL SERVICE PROJECT EVERGLADES DAY FESTIVALSERVICE PROJECTDATE: Saturday, 02/20TIME: 8 am to 4 pmLOCATION: Loxahatchee Wildlife RefugeADDRESS: 10216 Lee Road, Boynton Beach Google LinkCOSTFreeCHAIR: Cheryl Baylor -- cjbaylor@aol.comDETAILS: The Refuge is looking for volunteers to help them run their annual "Everglades Day Festival" from 8 am to 4 pm on 2/20/16.  Scouts and their parent(s) can come & help with a variety of things at the Festival OR they can come and help with a Scout Recruiting booth we're planning to set up.
    Posted Feb 7, 2016, 10:23 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/02/16 WEBELOS CROSS-OVER WEBELOS TO BOY SCOUT CROSS-OVERDATE: Tuesday, 02/16TIME: 7 PM - 8 PMLOCATION: Chancellor Charter CafeteriaADDRESS: 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach (between Hypoluxo & Gateway)COST: FREECHAIR: Kimberly Schoolcraft & Gino EzzoDETAILS:  This will be a solemn ceremony. All Scouts are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be flaming arrows and a party!
    Posted Oct 19, 2015, 9:33 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/02/21 FINAL PINEWOOD DERBY WORKSHOP (Location Update) PINEWOOD DERBY WORKSHOPDATE: Sunday, 02/21TIME: 12PM - 4PMLOCATION: Chancellor Charter Parking LotADDRESS: 3333 High Ridge RoadCOST: Workshop is free. Derby cars can be purchased for $5CHAIR: Mike SchoolcraftDETAILS:  Bring a design or choose from one of the many design templates we have on site. There will be a bandsaw and a skilled carpenter to help cut the initial shape of the car. Blocks of wood will be cut into the design of the Scout's choice. The Scout will then be able to use steel wool or sandpaper to fine tune their car. It will be up to the Scout to paint and decorate their car at home.
    Posted Jan 6, 2016, 1:52 PM by Chancellor Charter
  • 2016/02/27 HONDA CLASSIC KIDS FREE DAY HONDA CLASSIC KIDS FREE DAYDATE: Saturday, 02/27TIME: TBALOCATION: TBAADDRESS: 3TBACOST: TBACHAIR: CHAIR NEEDEDDETAILS:  If you are interested in putting together this event, please get details, such as date, time cost if any, age group that can attend, location etc. Please bring to the next committee meeting and or email Cheryl Baylor, Committee Chair.
    Posted Aug 30, 2015, 12:11 PM by Chancellor Charter
  • 2016/03/05 PACK 241 PINEWOOD DERBY! PINEWOOD DERBYDATE: Saturday, 03/05TIME: 2 PM - 7 PMLOCATION: Chancellor Charter CafeteriaADDRESS: 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach (between Hypoluxo & Gateway)COST: $5 for purchase of carCHAIR: Mike SchoolcraftDETAILS: We need parent helpers to arrive at 12:30 pm to help set up the track and get things ready. If you can help, please contact Mike Schoolcraft ( in will start at 2 PM. All Scouts, siblings, adults and alumni will check in at the same time. The races will start at 3 PM. Race times may run faster or slower than posted depending on the number of racers. Cars will be issued a race #. Once cars are weighed and checked ...
    Posted Jan 18, 2016, 8:33 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/02/15 PACK COMMITTEE MEETING PACK COMMITTEE MEETINGDATE: Monday, 02/15TIME: 7 PM - 8:30 PMLOCATION: Chancellor Charter CafeteriaADDRESS: 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach (between Hypoluxo & Gateway)COST: FreeCHAIR: Committee Chair, Cheryl BaylorDETAILS: Committee Members, Den Leaders and Interested parents are welcome to attend. Have a voice in what happens in your Scout's pack. Be in the know of what goes on behind the scenes. 
    Posted Nov 8, 2015, 7:54 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/03/22 OPTIONAL OFF-SITE DEN MEETING OFFSITE OPTIONAL DEN MEETINGDATE: Tuesday, 03/22TIME: 7PM - 8 PMLOCATION: Your Den MeetingADDRESS: Chancellor Campus Closed - Check with Den Leader for LocationCOST: TBA by your Den LeaderCHAIR: Your Den LeaderDETAILS: The school is closed due to spring break vacation. Please check with your den leader to find out what they have planned. If you have worked on any belt loops or adventures at home, they are due to your den leader by this date. Please email your leader with the details of what was completed. The DL will need to see pictures of any posters, lists, charts, etc. that were required.
    Posted Sep 15, 2015, 1:09 AM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/03/21 PACK COMMITTEE MEETING PACK COMMITTEE MEETINGDATE: Monday, 03/21 (date likely to change due to Spring Break)TIME: 7PM - 8:30 PMLOCATION: Chancellor Charter Media CenterADDRESS: 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach (between Hypoluxo & Gateway)COST: FreeCHAIR: Committee Chair, Cheryl BaylorDETAILS: Committee Members, Den Leaders and interested parents are welcome to attend. Have a voice in what happens in your Scout's pack. Be in the know about what goes on behind the scenes. 
    Posted Jan 18, 2016, 8:34 PM by Cheryl Baylor
  • 2016/04/15 - 04/17 PACK 241 SPRING FAMILY CAMPOUT @ OKLAWAHA PACK 241 SPRING FAMILY CAMPOUTDATE: Friday to Sunday, 04/15 - 04/17TIME: Friday 5 PM - Sunday 1 PMLOCATION: Oklawaha BSA Scout CampADDRESS8598 Potomac Avenue; Sebastian, FL 32958 - Google LinkCOST: TBACHAIR: Lee HodgeDETAILS: TBA
    Posted Jan 17, 2016, 11:46 AM by Cheryl Baylor
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The Cub Scout Core Values are now the 12 Points of the Scout Law

Scout Law for FEBRUARY
New Buddies
What does it mean?

February's point of the Scout Law, FRIENDLY, will use the theme, FRIENDS NEAR AND FAR.

A SCOUT IS FRIENDLY: A Scout is a friend to everyone, even people who are very different from him.. 

HOW DOES “FRIENDS NEAR AND FAR” RELATE TO THIS POINT OF THE SCOUT LAW? A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He offers his friendship to people of all races and nations, and respects the beliefs and customs of others. “Friends Near and Far” reminds us that we are part of something bigger than our own community. By living the Scout Law, we are accepting of the world’s peoples and their values.

If a scout meets another scout, even though a stranger to him, he must speak to him, and help him in any way that he can, either to carry out the duty he is then doing, or by giving him food, or, as far as possible, anything that he may be in want of. A scout must never be a SNOB. A snob is one who looks down upon another because he is poorer, or who is poor and resents another because he is rich. A scout accepts the other man as he finds him, and makes the best of him -- "Kim," the boy scout, was called by the Indians "Little friend of all the world," and that is the name which every scout should earn for himself.. 
(Scouting For Boys, 1908)

Chancellor Map

Pack 241 accepts ALL boys starting June 1st after they finish kindergarten until they finish 5th grade (or who are between 7 & 10 yrs old). If you are interested in having fun all year long, join us!

Hey parents / guardians! If you wish to visit our pack and find out more about Scouting, please check our pack calendar listed on the homepage or stop by the Chancellor Charter cafeteria on any Tuesday night at 7 PM during our den or pack meeting nights. We hold regular weekly meetings during the school year. During the summer, please contact one of our leaders below.

There is always a leader ready, willing, and available to share with you what Scouting is all about and why your son should be a Cub Scout. 

Cub Scouts is family oriented, so siblings of all ages will have just as much fun on our camp-outs and field trips as your son will!
Join us to learn more about the 12 Points of "Scout Law" and what Scouting has to offer your whole family.

Please email:

Cub Master, Lee Hodege: or Committee Chair, Cheryl Baylor: if you have any questions or want to confirm at the last minute.