Save the Dates!
Below is a list of scheduled pack and district events for the summer. Please keep up to date with events via the Scoutbook calendar. The Scoutbook calendar is updated regularly as we get new details or things may change. 

There are two awards a scout can earn.
Summertime Activity Award - To earn this a scout must attend (1) event each month during the summer (June, July & August). Day Camp / Resident Camps do NOT count as a summertime event. This award will be given out at the August End of Summer Pack Meeting. A scout can earn this each year as the pin(s) awarded are color coded by rank. NOTE: There is no Lion rank pin, so Lions cannot earn this award.
Summertime Activity

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award - Day Camp or Resident camp are requirements to earn this award. Along with attending Day Camp or Resident Camp, each rank has rank specific requirement to complete before this can be awarded. You can find details about this award from the link below. A scout can earn this award each year. The first time he earns the award he will receive a pocket patch. This patch can be ironed / sewn on the right pocket flap. Every time he earns the award after the 1st year, he will receive a pin which gets attached to the patch. NOTE: There are no Lion rank specific requirements, so Lions can not earn this award.

NOTE: Scheduled events are subject to change and or be cancelled. Please follow the Scoutbook Calendar to be updated on event details.