Cub Scout BB & Archery Certification

posted Aug 2, 2016, 9:50 AM by Cub Scout Pack 241   [ updated Feb 9, 2019, 6:58 AM ]
Shooting Sports
Cub Scout BB & Archery Certification
Get Certificated and learn the new rules to the Cub Scout Shooting Sports program

  • CS BB and Archery - April 2019
  • April 09, 2019 to April 11


      Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards

      Have you heard about the newCub Scout Shooting Sports Awards?  The requirements were recently released and posted onScouting’s program updates page.

      Because the BB gun and Archery belt loops and pins are no longer available, Cub Scouts needed a new way to be recognized for this shooting sports achievementsWhile the program is brand new, a couple of things haven’t changed.

      1. Shooting sports are only allowed at district or council events.  This means you can’t have shooting sports at a pack campout.
      2. Shooting sports must be under the direction of a qualified leadership–a trained range officer.

      Here’s how it works.  Cub Scouts can qualify for the award in archery, BB guns and slingshots.  Boys will start by picking a discipline and completing the Level 1 requirements for that discipline. Level 1 requirements are different for each discipline, but they are the same for each rank.

      For example, the Level 1 requirements for BB guns are the same for Tigers, Bears, Wolves and Webelos.  There is a different set of Level 1 requirements for archery, and a different set for slingshots.  These sets of requirements are the same for all the ranks, so regardless of rank. everyone will have the same Level 1 requirements within the discipline.

      The requirements for Level 1 are teaching the boys safety while they learn about the equipment for that disciple.  Upon completion of Level 1 in any discipline, boys will receive a shooting sports patch for their rank.  You can see these in the image above.