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In Cub Scout packs, Akela is a symbol of wisdom, authority, and leadership. Akela is anyone who acts as a leader to the Scout. Akela can be a Cubmaster, Den Leader, Teacher or Parent depending on where the guidance takes place. In den meetings, it is the Den Leader who is Akela. During pack meetings it is the Cubmaster. At home, the parents fill this role.

Below is a list of Akelas who make Pack 241 great for the scouts.  Please contact any of us if you have questions. 
Remember to add your scout's den leader to your list of contacts.
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PositionResponsibilitiesAkelaPhone NumberEmail
PositionResponsibilitiesAkelaPhone NumberEmail
00001. Council Executive / CEO Gulf Stream Council Jeff Isaac 561.694.8585 
0001. District Executive Everglades District Peter Thate 410.812.8989  
001. P241 Unit Commissioner Pack Committee TBD To Be Added  
01. Chartered Organization Representative (K3) Pack Committee Tom sutterfield 
02. Pack Committee Chair (K3) Entire Pack Mike Schoolcraft 561.602.0502 
03. Pack Committee / Secretary Entire Pack OPEN POSITION - IF INTERESTED CONTACT MIKE SCHOOLCRAFT 561.602.9250 
04. Pack Committee / Treasurer (K3) Entire Pack Michelle DePalma 561.662.2931 
04. Pack Committee / Treasurer (K3) Entire Pack Nicole Strohl 561.214.3456 
05. Pack Committee / Advancement Chair Entire Pack - Scoutbook Kimberly Schoolcraft 561.601.0502 
06. Pack Committee / School Night for Scouting Entire Pack OPEN POSITION - IF INTERESTED CONTACT MIKE SCHOOLCRAFT Mike: 561.602.9250 
07. Pack Committee / Outdoor Chair aka Health Form Officer Entire Pack OPEN POSITION - IF INTERESTED CONTACT MIKE SCHOOLCRAFT 561.602.9250 
08. Pack Committee / Membership & Registration Chair Entire Pack - Scoutbook Kimberly Schoolcraft  561.601.0502 
09. Pack Committee / Pack Trainer Entire Pack Kimberly Schoolcraft 561.601.0502 
10. Pack Committee / Chaplain - Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator Entire Pack Mike Maurer 561.374.2306 
11. Website Administrator Entire Pack Kimberly Schoolcraft 561.601.0502 
12. Pack Photographer Entire Pack OPEN POSITION - IF INTERESTED CONTACT MIKE SCHOOLCRAFT 561.602.9250 
13. Cubmaster All Den Leaders Lee Hodge 754.422.3643 
14. Cubmaster Asst. All Den Leaders OPEN POSITION - IF INTERESTED CONTACT MIKE SCHOOLCRAFT 561.602.9250 
1st Grade - Tigers Den 05 Leader Nick Seigler 
2nd Grade - Wolf Den 03 Leader Mike Schoolcraft 561.602.9250 Mike@MikeSchoolcraft 
3rd Grade - Bear Den 09 Leader Zac Pagett 571.220.7580. 
4th Grade - Webelos Den 08 Leader Lee Hodge 754.422.3643 
4th Grade - Webelos Den 12 Leader Matt Lemm 763.843.5477 
5th Grade - Arrow of Light (AoL) Den 04 Leader Mike Maurer 561.374.2306 
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