Pack 241 Training Record
The spreadsheet below is a list of certs the Pack Trainer  has on file for you. If you have certs and they are not listed, then please provide the Pack Trainer with a copy. The items in RED are items that are needed for your position or training you have done, but the Pack Trainer doesn't have a copy. Items in PINK are Expired and item in YELLOW will expire soon.

Every Leader and / or Committee member should have at least Youth Protection (YP) and This is Scouting (TiS). We would like all Co / Assistant Den Leaders to have Fast Start for their den and all Den Leaders to have Position Specific Training for their den. All Committee members should have Committee Fast Start and / or Committee Specific Training.

If you do not have access to this spreadsheet, please contact the Pack Trainer so that we can add your email address to the shared document. This spreadsheet is not available for public view.