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What exactly is the Lion rank?
The Lion rank is a Boy Scouts of America program that is designed to introduce kindergarten-age boys and their families to the fun of Scouting.

Who are Lions Scouts?
The kindergarten-age boys participating are called Lions. Lions must be 5 years old or the year before First Grade and not yet 7 years old.

What is expected of my Lion Scout & me? 
Your new Lion scout will be required to complete (5) "Core" Adventures in order to receive his "Lion Rank / Badge"
  1. Complete each of the following Lion "Core" required adventures with your den or family:
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Fun on the Run
    • King of the Jungle
    • Lion's Honor 
    • Mountain Lion

Ideally we would like to have the scouts complete these advancement requirements by end of February or March. If any of the adventure requirements are missed it will be up to the parent to make this item up. Your Den Leader will be happy to work with you on any make up items that are needed.

Once Core / required adventures are completed, there are a total of 7 elective adventures for your Lion to work on if he would like to earn extra stickers to complete his book.

NOTE: Lions are not required to do the Cyber Chip or Bobcat. They earn their Bobcat, after they earn their Lion Badge and before they start on their Tiger Rank. The Cyber Chip will be earned as part of their Tiger Rank requirements.

Login to Scoutbook on any computer or mobile device so you can track your scouts progress. 
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Summary  The boys participate with their adult partners. The program emphasizes shared leadership, learning about the community, the enviroment and family understanding.

Is your Kindergartner thinking about Scouts?  
Then you probably have some questions... 
Email our Den Leader at the link above and leave your phone number or go to this page and use our online form.  
A new Lion Den will be forming soon so we'd love to hear from you about your interest. 

What the Lions are "Doing"... 

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Parent Action Items
  • Complete the (5) Core Adventure with your Lion Guide.
  • Complete Elective Adventure at home to fill your sticker book.
  • Keep track of all electives adventures done at home and report them to your Lion Guide.
  • Login to Scoutbook to keep track of your scouts "Progress to Rank"
  • Tiger Badge Checklist Worksheet PDF @ usscouts.org
  • Check with your Den Leader to see if he will need any added items such as paper towel rolls, coffee cans, crayons, markers etc. for upcoming craft projects.

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